Wealth management

For individuals who want to cross into, or further explore the potential of crypto-diversified investing.

Our offering

Through our Wealth Management services, we offer regular market insights and perspectives on news and events in the cryptocurrency industry. We search for information for the benefit of our customers from a variety of sources, and we work with many companies inside the cryptocurrency market.

Personal Key Account Manager

Your personal Key Account Manager is your guide and advisor on your crypto journey. Help and opportunities, all through a single point of contact.

Crypto Custody & Safekeeping

There are multiple custody options ranging from standard secure custody to a separate cold wallet setup.

Collateralized Credit Lines

We offer you the possibility to use your crypto assets as collateral for fiat loans with low interest rates, fast funding and no credit checks.

OTC Trading Desk

No need to onboard with multiple service providers. Get access to multi-venue liquidity through us. Buying and selling crypto assets in small amounts is cost-effective.

Weekly Newsletter

Extensive coverage of crypto market news and other macroeconomic trends, accompanied by a weekly technical analysis. Exclusively delivered to your inbox.

Premium Interest

Enjoy higher interest rates in our quarterly Premium Interest rounds which, besides our standard selection, also includes stablecoins.

Coinmotion Wealth Team

Your dedicated Account Manager to help you navigate through your crypto journey.

Aki Kola

Sales Director
Aki has led Coinmotion’s sales and customer service functions since June 2022. He has over a decade of experience in sales, business management and traditional finance and wealth management. As one of Coinmotion’s Business Unit Managers, Aki is responsible for developing the product and service selections and processes of Coinmotion.

Herman Mäenalanen

Head of Wealth
Herman leads our Wealth team and has long experience in customer service, sales and the finance sector. His Coinmotion journey started in 2018 and since then has been part of multiple development projects and process improvements. Step by step he has been bringing his knowledge to create high quality service and experience for our clients. His neverending curiosity and ambition to succeed pushes his team to be the best available in the industry.

Kristen Liivrand

Account Manager
Kristen is a professional in the cryptocurrency and decentralization field. He has been growing his expertise since 2017. He has worked on several ICO and start-up projects, giving him a broad understanding of the space. Kristen is committed to sharing his knowledge and is a strong advocate for blockchain technology’s potential to change the world. He is dedicated to delivering world-class service to Coinmotion’s customers.

Aaro Huttunen

Account Manager
Aaro is a highly driven individual with entrepreneurial and finance expertise. As an Account Manager, his main areas are Crypto Custody, Collateralized Credits, and White-Label Solutions (APIs). He works with various customers, including individuals, companies, and institutions. Additionally, he is a passionate learner who follows the market actively.

Ville Kirvesoja

Account Manager
Ville is a skilled and passionate cryptocurrency and traditional finance expert. Having a master’s degree from information systems and having written his thesis on Decentralized Finance, Ville also brings the latest knowledge from the academic world regarding crypto assets. With background in professional sports, Ville brings his drive and ambitiousness to create high quality experience for companies and individuals in their crypto asset investment journey.

Pessi Peura

Partner Manager
Pessi has over 5 year experience in Coinmotion in various positions. He has a long experience as an entrepreneur as well and serves Coinmotion Wealth company and individual customers as a part of the Coinmotion Wealth team. If you want Coinmotion to host a keynote in your event or have some other type of collaboration in mind Pessi is the person to contact.

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