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About Coinmotion Wealth

Aimed at individuals, institutions and companies who prefer a more personal service for buying, selling, storing or interest investing in cryptocurrencies.

With more than 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and banking industries, Coinmotion Wealth is your go-to partner for managing your wealth in the decentralized economy.

Wealth Management

For individuals who want to cross into, or further explore the potential of crypto-diversified investing.

Let our Key Account Managers create the right solutions for you.


Combining institutional-grade technology and deep capital markets expertise, Coinmotion Wealth powers institutional investors, financial service companies, and others to unlock the full potential of digital assets for themselves and their clientele.

For businesses

Enabling businesses to go beyond the boundaries of traditional payment systems. Exponentially expand your operations to previously untapped business segments with crypto-enhanced services.

Coinmotion Wealth Team

We are there to help you navigate complexity

Aki Kola

Sales Director
Aki has led Coinmotion’s sales and customer service functions since June 2022. He has over a decade of experience in sales, business management and traditional finance and wealth management. As one of Coinmotion’s Business Unit Managers, Aki is responsible for developing the product and service selections and processes of Coinmotion.

Herman Mäenalanen

Head of Wealth
Herman leads our Wealth team and has long experience in customer service, sales and the finance sector. His Coinmotion journey started in 2018 and since then has been part of multiple development projects and process improvements. Step by step he has been bringing his knowledge to create high quality service and experience for our clients. His neverending curiosity and ambition to succeed pushes his team to be the best available in the industry.

Raul Lopez Garcia-Navas

Country Manager, Spain
Raúl López has been working with Coinmotion since 2019, and he is now the Country Manager for Spain. He has been working with several blockchain, ICO and startup projects. He has previous experience in commercial banking and regularly discusses the possibilities of crypto assets from many points of view. He is well-tuned with the needs of institutional needs and can assist in discovering the opportunities existing in the ecosystem.


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